2010 Aug 31

Life in the first 6 months of 2010 was abuzz with work. Completed my MSc thesis, interned in a lab working on hardware platforms performing Side Channel Attacks, consulted for a couple of startups on FPGA based system designs and was contemplating/deciding on my next career move. Of-course there were these never ending bureaucratic issues that needed fixing. Finally I decided to stay back at school and pursue a PhD (a separate blog post coming up). Before the start of this phase of my career, I had decided to do a mini north EuroTrip and spend some time with family/ friends back in India. So here I was in India for the past 1 month meeting a whole bunch of people and having pleasant exchanges. I am scribbling down a few memorable moments of August 2010.

  • Meeting up with friends in Pune and Bangalore, discussing a wide range of topics from life to capitalism to Indian media to Ekta Kapoor / Indian film industry to state of Indian education to anything under the sky.
  • A memorable night out at a farm house near East Coast Road with college friends and spending most part inside the pool again discussing random things.
  • Finished reading Gone with the wind, AIDS Sutra, Animal Farm, A Whole New Mind and An Indian Odyssey. 5 books in a month. The last time I achieved this number was a long time back.
  • Traveled more that 5000 Kms by air and land.
  • Spent a good amount of time with parents.

The BIGGEST thing I will be missing back in Switzerland is the casual chit-chat with family and friends over a whole lot of issues – basically the feeling of connection at the emotional level and of-course the HOME comfort. Strangely enough, I DONT seem to miss Indian food. @sidcarter put it very well in this tweet earlier today. There were of-course some disappointments/frustrations; but I am in a very light mood as of now to even think about them.

Tonight I head back to work in Zurich, Switzerland. See you later, India.

  1. Some how feels nice to read this. There is no reason for it, but just a feeling :) Good luck with your PhD

  2. Did your parents try to coerce you into adopting an opposite sex for the good of their genes (read: arranged marriage), while you were in india?

  3. Kushal had told me that you were India (how bad is that, hearing from him instead of you). What is worse is that you were in Pune and didn’t even bother to call/mail. Shame on you.

  4. Oops, you were in Bangalore? Anyway lets meetup next time :)

  5. ???? ??????, ?????

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