2008 Dec 07

Finally, I am back to Switzerland (well, a week back) after attending the “radically” changed FOSS.IN conference in Bangalore, INDIA. My return journey was quite uneventful only with the Air France “check-in” counter girl in Chennai showing amazing interest in what I was doing in Switzerland and we ending up having a 5 minute conversation on general stuff :P I had set targets for FOSS.IN this time and I seem to have completed about 65 % of the tasks.

I had missed the first day of FOSS.IN due to personal reasons and my FOSS.IN journey started from the second day. After the usual “hello”(s) and the *hugs* all around, it was time to sit down for the planned GNUSim8085 workout. I had not expected much of a gathering here so decided to take up a small BOF place. But to my surprise we had about 12 people (If I still remember the numbers right), and we started off hacking. I had put down a list of to dos on the white board available and thats how it started. The result 2 bug fix patches, 2 feature enhancements, windows port syntax highlighting problem fixed and we are all set for a windows release. Yes!!!! Target reached but because of the last two weeks of the semester I have been extremely busy (well put infinity to it) and hence could not make a release. Thanks to all those who joined in and special thanks to Krishna Baradhwaj, Madhusudhan, Vattam, Aditya et al. for pitching in with those wonderful patches. *Kudos*

Even after foss.in these guys are continuing to work on the project and the sudden increase in the devel list traffic says it all. Next stop was the preparation for my talk on “Fedora Electronics Laboratory”. Fedora 10 had just been released and with that ofcourse my favourite FEL10 based on KDE4. Well I must say two things here. KDE4 has suddenly seems to have become usable for me and FEL10 rocks as always. Chitlesh and me went through every point that needs to be talked at the event, with me actually doing a run through of the presentation on IRC just to ensure I dont miss anything and I had some log to look back to check if had missed some thing.The presentation as such went well with an expected turn out. The success part of it is that a couple of people actually came forward and started asking questions on specific areas of the devel time line I had shown during the talk and were ready to start off. Apart from this Rahul and me had an offline discussion as to how we could improve things in the spin and a couple of ideas popped out. One idea that was interesting was to have a menu structure clearly partitioning the various tools present and what for it is used. For e.g. One Menu item would be ASIC Flow, another one could be Simulators, etc. This would let users have a clear understanding of what tool is present and what it can be used for. The current challenge is that most of the tools are command line based. So we must now find a solid way to communicate the entire set of tools present in FEL along with its purpose.

The couple of reviews that I had planned did not happen because of infrastructure issues as always. Bad me. I should have got the required files downloaded prior. But nevertheless, electric has got approved already and will be in the next Fedora Electronic Lab DVD :-) Chitlesh has been working extremely hard on getting more packages into Fedora Electronics Laboratory. Though this is good news, we are now left with the challenge of documentation and QA to give the end users a pain free experience. (*whispers*  Someone said they will help out with the documentation and having a few quick start tutorials in place at foss.in *whispers*)

I have now got loads of tasks in the free software world to complete and also in my academic life. Its getting interesting and all the more challenging.I missed meeting quite a few people but at the same time happy to have met a lot of my good old buddies and potential contributors. Thanks to team FOSS.IN for giving the Free Software world this wonderful opportunity to interact and “Get things done”. A lot more happened but this blog report is already reaching its limit. So I stop here and let you enjoy the pictures on flickr with the tag fossin2008 And I love my t-shirt which actually has my IRC nick “tuxmaniac” printed on it :-) It would really be cruel to end this blog post without thanking Fedora and my respected good old motivator. Thank you everyone and looking forward to more such “getting things done” conferences.

PS: It really is a co-incidence that almost all the photos I am in at foss.in 2008 is with me wearing the Red Hat. :-)

  1. Hey – good to know that you have had fun. Did you folks have a KDE party again ?

  2. Lol. That red hat looks really *really* cool. Where did you get it from?

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