2008 Sep 06

This is a very familiar question I am sure many of you have come across from your non-FOSSy friends. I have it always coming from loads of people including my mom who asked “What is this Linux thing you have all around and what are you getting out of it?”. As it always happens with most moms she just doesn’t get it. :-)

Well now, I have been replying to most of them with a standard “I dont know, may be becuase I am having great fun??”. Now I got the answer for that question. Apt and fits me. I always wanted to make a difference to others and myself, hence this is the answer to this golden Question.

I am having FUN and making a DIFFERENCE

I got this answer from Pramode and Swaroop’s blog post. I also would like to take this opportunity to appreciate and congratulate the updates Swaroop has done to his book “Byte of Python”. Great going Swaroop! Keep it going. You ROCK!

  1. :) Nice post! A also get this kind of questions. You managed to cheer me up as I reached a bottleneck with my project.


  2. %-) genuinely interested by this website

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