2008 Aug 27

Goals 2008:

4. Get the Ubuntu membership

One more goal down. Yes! I got approved of my Ubuntu Membership on Aug 26th 2008 by the Asia and Oceania regional approval board. The IRC meeting logs can be found here.

Since this will be my first post on Planet Ubuntu, here goes a short intro on myself.

Name: Aanjhan “tuxmaniac” Ranganathan

Interests : Embedded Linux, FOSS VLSI Cad Tools, Electronics

What I (will) do: Masters Student (in another 2 weeks) at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Hangs out in #ubuntu-in, #ubuntu-motu, #ubuntu-bugs @ irc.freenode.net mostly.

Future with Ubuntu: Become a MOTU (in short) :-)

Rest of the details can be found in this wiki page.

Thank you Ubuntu India folks and my wonderful set of FOSS friends for the wonderful support. Special thanks to Sankarshan and Runa,  for continuously motivating me to keep contributing to Fedora and Ubuntu. Thanks to Jordan Mantha and Barry De Freese for the initial sponsorships and support extended when I was a newbie and was clueless where to begin. Ofcourse thanks a lot to the wonderful Ubuntu MOTU IRC folks for the great help extended in this ongoing learning process.

Looking forward to more uploads and bug triages.


  1. Congratulations and welcome to Ubuntu Members :)

  2. w0t did I do?? Congrats and all the best for the road ahead. We are going to miss you big time back here :(

  3. @runa: no we are not ;) he is going to miss us all

  4. sankarshan is right! :-( But Life moves on….

  5. Congrats Aanjhan!
    Congratulations on becoming an Ubuntu Member. Hope you have a good time with new folks which you meet.

    My best wishes for future and all wishes so that you get a place in MOTU :)

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