2007 Oct 20

It happened today. The bicycle trip to a distant place which was getting postponed and postponed due to various reasons happened today. The destination was the Art of Living Campus (No! I am *not* associated with it by any means. It was just a destination for the trip :D ) on the Kanakapura Road, 26 Kms from the place I live. Number of weapons of destruction were five. We started at around 0700 hrs and reached the ashram at around 0900 hrs or may be even before that. The trip to the destination was fun with the road sloping down most of the journey and hence we knew that the journey back would be even more fun. After having breakfast at the ashram we started exploring the huge campus. We reached a place called the Sumeru Mantap and I slept off for a power nap. I woke up to find the other guys playing a game of chess and joined in. The journey back was extremely challenging and I still dont remember the number of chocolate bars I gulped down. Returned back to Bangalore at around 1400 hrs.

Return Journey begins!the Journey begins The Meditation Dome? Sucess Story! On the way!

Some lessons learnt.

1. Have enough stock of Glucose and water.

2. Chocolate bars are instant sources of Energy. Dont have any carbonated or sweetened drink as they tend to dehydrate you.

3. Keep the bum off the saddle in upward slopes and make maximum utilization of downward slopes (Go in top gear at full speed) so that you can cover a huge distance after the slope ends without much effort.

4. Take breaks whenever you feel like and dont overdo things. I recommend knee caps if the journey is a bit long.

5. Enjoy to the max.

Looking forward to more such trips.

  1. Dear Chinna

    It should have been a lovely experience for you. It reminded me about my trip to delhi from Patna for the NCC Independence day Parade. The bycycling was for 15 days. Thats the difference and we crossed states with kit bags strapped behind.

    good. But you havnt wriiten about the Art of living temple.



  2. Being the partner in crime, i must also contribute to this…:-)
    so here comes my part(or description of the trip)…..
    the trip was a due for quite some time due to various reasons but took off on the fateful saturday!!!!
    we were quite sceptical for the trip considering the distance and had also thought of various alternate destinations such a Lalbaug!!! :-P
    so we got up and started in the morning at 7 wondering who all will join??
    but fatefully there werent many dropouts and our journey commenced at last…..

    the road to AOL was wonderful and amazing because of the amazing morning weather, our hreshness and above all the downhill slope which helped our cause!!
    so we reached the Ashram in around 90-100 minutes!!!
    the hunger was bad and the first thing that we wanted was food which we happily pounced upon!!!
    the scene at Ashram was straight out of a page 3 party with the party animals donning a spritual look!!
    We with our shorts and cycles looked like gatecrashers in the quest for spirituality!!!
    We dnt trouble the party much and soon eloped to a much quieter and serene place!!(Sumeru mantap)
    some took this oppurtunity to take a power nap while the rest enjoyed the tranquility of nature and indulged themselves in a game of chess!!
    after that we emabrked our return journey!!
    the first few minutes of cycling gave us a clear indication of how difficult the return journey would be…:-) the scorching sun and the uphill slope really worsened the situation…but we somehow managed to keep our bums on the saddle and returned back to bangalore without taking a lift..:-P but not without taking a lot of glucose and water breaks!!!
    reaching bangalore in one piece was a good enough reason for us to celebrate it with a sumptous meal at Krishna Chinai!!!
    really looking forward to more such trips with more partners in crime this time around…because the more the merrier!!! :-)

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